Imagine That Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created for children in the Greater Bay Area to experience the joys of their imaginations around the holiday season. We have a vision of giving children the guidance to bring great social change to their communities.

Imagine That Kids was designed for several classes of children. We cater to underprivileged, abused, fostered, homeless and children of incarcerated parents. These children are our greatest investment!

Imagine That aims to provide children a constructive yet cultural educational enrichment experience. Along with aiding parents in learning more about their children by careful observation.

Although Imagine That Kids has only been in existence since 2008 we have already begun to pull miracles out of the sky. Imagine That Kids began with 6 imaginable events each year. We are now extending our arms and partnering with major community organizations to bring needed enrichment programs to communities throughout Oakland.

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